Monday, June 22, 2009

The Test from Beyond the Grave!

Well, I'm still heartsick about having to leave a dear friend of mine for post-secondary education. And this feeling isn't going to go away anytime soon. Might I suggest to myself to take this opportunity and jump-start my poetry career-on-the-side? Anyhow, I'm still working on her yearbook pages, moreso on the art than the writing (what was that about poetry?).

Here I am again, courtesy of Alan Chang, who finally revealed his long-kept secret blog. He blogged ME and I didn't know it?

Well, today has been semi-productive, and i've used "well" twice now. C'mon inspiration please. Finished my hibari sketch after familiarizing myself with the mean kid with a few images off of google and two chapters of Reborn!. I was just joking when I told myself he'd be on the top 10 anime husbands, but I jinxed it (<--- remind me to never again use that word), and he snatched number one. Shirley sure knows how to pick a husband.

I do my best to avoid having to deal with the SAT, taking the PSAT once, and studying a week for the real thing in an attempt to take it out in one swing. Baaam 2190. Not good enough but better. And now my job is to tutor a prospective SAT customer. Well (#3), let's make the most out of it.

listening to: 千の風になって

Which reminds me, karaoke last weekend was a blast. Sh's voice was unexpectedly nice and high, and I was reminded of my need to further my Japanese. And Chinese. My imitation of Akikawa Masafumi, according to MM and L, passed.

Just began my read of Tolkiens Silmarillion. I've only just finished the opening myth, but I know it's shaping up to be a really great book. Yes, I'm late to the party, and I haven't read LotR yet, but hey, I'm starting before the First Age, here ;D.