Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014.08-09 sketchdump

August and September sketches and drawings, all in different stages.  I'm still heavily experimenting with brushes and brush settings.  Something still feels a bit off on my marker brush.  I've been warming up to round brushes though!

Monday, September 8, 2014

PAX Prime 2014 - Penguemic and Tournaments

 Penguemic Booth at PAX Prime!  We met so many penguin fans, and sold all of our t-shirts!
Educational Game Space with Machineers and Universe Sandbox 2

As usual, I spent half my time in the tournament room, competing in Towerfall, Tetris Attack, Tumblestone, and Diddy Kong Racing.  I made top 8 in Towerfall, and top 6 in Tumblestone!  Everyone was so good at the games.  Some Towerfall players busted out 'dodge canceling'.  It really caught me by surprise >>--->

I wish I had practiced more for Diddy Kong Racing, though.  I was embarrassingly bad at it, having not played in years.