Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Mascot character of mine, Elise!  I did an animation style painting this time, with tight lines and blocked out colors.  I want to animate with this look!  It's a bit inspired by the anime short -socket-

Here's the original drawing from 4 years ago,  with a lot more hair:

It looks like I draw the legs and upper arm too long in the initial sketch.  
Next thing to work on is to focus on imaging the limbs.

Elise drawing process


Jinx is now my go-to ADC in Season 4.  I've been duo-queue-ing with a friend of mine, which guarantees me first pick.  So 99% of the time I will be picking this character.  I wonder how my stats will turn out this year.  My kill count has definitely gone up.
Jinx drawing process

Some things I noticed while painting this:
-I would end up at a different pose and look from the original sketch.  The face changed 4 times.
-I had trouble attaching the head
-Hands and Feet are a weakness for me right now
-I'm slowly improving my line-art, trying out different settings and keeping an eye out for disconnected lines.