Thursday, May 29, 2014

Girls Make Games Promo Poster

Girls Make Games

 Spot the references!

Fate X League works but not really

This is a painting of League of Legend's Akali in an Assassins's Creed pose, being summoned as Servant Assassin for the next holy grail war.  Conveying all that information didn't work out so it's just a painted Akali.  

I really like the way the texture of paint turned out, so I'll be using this as a + in my style guide this year.

 I tried making a couple more prints in the series before the FanimeCon Artist Alley, but the results didn't end up where I would like them, and I ran out of time to experiment.  I was trying (see below) to make a fast sketch -> line -> paint process, but I got stuck on the painting part, and ended up spending too much time there trying to make things look really clean and comic-book-y.

I think this rush work should have been done much more quickly, maybe skip the inking stage altogether, and keep the foundation sketch lines.  The look definitely needs a different brush to work, as my go-to paintbrush was created for clean strokes.

Akali, Riven, Lux, Ashe