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This is how Lina naps on the carpet.

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GDC 2018

A few photos from this year's GDC in San Francisco.  I focused on learning from lots of talks, the most memorable being by: 
Jason Rohrer, Zach Barth, Yoko Taro, and Sam Coster

Didn't get to demo as many games, but snapped a bunch of the cool-looking ones!  Not pictured here: Baba is You, definitely my favourite game of the show.

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2018 Week 3

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2018 Week 2

This week's Hex colors:

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2018 Week 1

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2017 compilation

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Find Me Kickstarter Funded!

Yay!  Find Me got their kickstarter funded!

Having spoken with the girls in a design and narrative review session, I think they're the brightest bunch yet.  This team attended the SF camp, and got to pitch at PlayStation!

Friday, October 27, 2017

2016-2017 Art Dump

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lanterns Ghosts (Oculus Launchpad week 11)

Lantern Ghosts

Met up with Kevin (who's helping out on programming), in Seattle!  We were both traveling to attend PAX, and it was really great that we could cross paths and discuss VR development!  I've been working on the GMG booth with Kristani on the show floor during the day, and then taking evenings to think about final designs to make in the last week of development for Lanterns.

At PAX, Kristani and I ran into a fellow OLP fellow!  Tyrus was also showing off his cool game Cloudbase Prime at the Indie Minibooth.

Drew some concept art for the masked ghosts that will be appearing in the game.  They will be floating around, looking for lanterns to follow.  The player's goal is to find enough lanterns to accommodate all the different ghosts spirits!

Before travelling, I worked on expanding the cave area to feel more welcoming to the player.  The boat now has a dock, and doesn't abruptly stop in the middle of the river.  The dock also has some text info to clue the player in on what their purpose is.

The ending section of the demo - a small temple, has also been blocked out, and I did a couple of timed test runs to find the proper length for the demo.  Scale in VR feels so different than when you're looking at it in the level editor, so I was surprised to find that the boat was travelling too slowly, and the distances between my landmarks too far!

Unfortunately there isn't much time left to spend on modeling objects and spaces, as much as I'd like to work on making a pretty stage.  The most important interactions I'd like to show will be lighting the torch and lanterns, stopping for a short gaze-activated puzzle, having ghosts follow your lanterns, and then reaching their destination and sending the lanterns off.  I'm hoping to get them all in!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lanterns Playtesting Party (Oculus Launchpad Week 10)

Invited friends over to demo the game today!  They got to try out the start screen and the beginning section in the cave.  I'd designed for a seated experience, so when they went to light the lanterns which were close to the ground, some of them tried to reach down without crouching, missing entirely!  We definitely noticed little things that can be improved!

This week has been super productive, and it's exciting!  The start screen has been sorted out with gaze-triggered events to start and exit the game.  I decided to focus more on designing and capturing the mood and lighting of the scenes, over detailed modeling and texturing environments.

Here's the starting zone with a distant gate and some old shrine rocks.  The light-emitting rock was really effective in drawing in the player to looking at it!  It'll definitely be used in more places in the game.

My programmer teammates have been working on getting the boat pathing to move smoothly, and on creating a system to let the lanterns follow the boat in a beautiful way.  The boat's movement can now be activated and deactivated by the player!  

We had a lot of fun working together this week, and tossed around the idea of meeting up in the future to do an in-person jam.

Looking forward to the last couple weeks of development (and a short break for PAX)!  We have the plan for the story arc for the demo locked down, with very clear interactions that will be demonstrated.  Onwards, to continue building!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lanterns Building (Oculus Launchpad Week 9)

Started building a lot of stuff this week!  Went into blender and built out a boat and a torch for the player to use, and then put it into Unity!  I had a lot of fun seeing things come together in the game engine.  The OVRCameraRig was easy to get started with.  And then testing my scenes out with the oculus rift was awesome!  Getting one has sped up development a lot, because the game can be tested immediately!

Most exciting part of this week was getting the water to animate !

The Oculus feedback for the demos have been super helpful.  Reviewing the notes for last Friday's conference call, too!  I've been keeping the advice in mind while working.

Here's a screenshot of the start screen area:

And of the first section in chapter 1: