Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ghost House - Global Game Jam 2019

Hi all!  

The game I worked on this year is Ghost House.  Check it out here!

For this year's global game jam I traveled back home to San Jose to the Cogswell location.  The event this year was more chill and I got to work with a team of hardworking developers.

Cogswell's location was a bit of a surprise.  It was a few blocks from where I used to work, in North San Jose.  If I'd known I would definitely have tried out a few classes there to learn some music or 3d skills.  During the jam I toured around their facilities.  Most interesting place was the historical archives, showing the founding of the school a hundred years ago.  It really puts things into perspective seeing the old technical measurement tools in contrast with the modern game development studios.  

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