Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SJSU Art Show

Followed STさん to San Jose State University. He needed extra credit for Photography... 'said it was harder than he thought. S needs extra credit? Saw Juliana Rico's photo gallery, she had a bunch of night pictures, and people who moved were blurred. I liked the fire-breathing one, and the photo of a cosplaying child (robot head) captivated by the balloon-making clown. Someone left a Pac-man note, so I drew a ghost for them. Cute! Other galleries include an unwanted gallery, with a lot of sad testimonials from people who feel left out and unloved, a Tetris clone with musical notes instead of blocks, and a pottery showcase.

In the hall, two paintings caught our attention. One yellow one had the screws take a part in the image, it reminded STさん of Steamboy. The screws looked attached to joints of machinery. Another painting featured what looked like flying sushi, and fiery food that fell through the sky like meteors. Mhmmmm, hungry.

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