Thursday, November 3, 2011

And Yet Again Those Four Colors

I've been yearning for a course on color recently.  My school does not seem to offer one, and the closest I would be able to get to color theory would likely be the Painting class and/or certain Animation courses.  I remember watching the Gurren Lagann production documentary, and noting that a key role in the entire process were the people in the coloring department.

Another instance was a Toy Story 3 presentation by Lee Unkrich in which he showed how the entire film was color keyed to set the mood in each sequence.  

Agent Purple?
In this last game I worked on, Agent Purple, (again for CombiForm), I made sure not to recycle any previous colors, instead opting to practice using the Photoshop color picker.  I ended up referencing the original cover for A Study in Scarlet, and, at my producer's suggestion, Patrick Owsley's rendition of Secret Squirrel.

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