Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dagger Class Spaceship

 This is my final project for Intro to 3d Animation.  I am definitely more interested in modeling at the moment.  The whole 3d process is satisfying in that theres an incomprehensible amount of anticipation for the end product every step of the way.

I intended the dagger ship to be one part of a combinable set of spaceships for a top down schmup.  These fighter ships are small in scale and serve as a personal manned vehicle, and can also house a handful of passengers.

Gunbuster was definitely an inspiration for this project.  The idea was to create a dagger and sheath pair of spaceships, and the dagger design resulted in a similar silhouette as the space aliens from Gunbuster.  It is cool how the Gunbuster 1 and 2 combine to become a mecha, but I have not decided on what the combination of my two spaceships will become, yet.  Now that I think about it, a cool mecha would definitely change the pace.

I would watch Outlaw Star again for a bit of inspiration, but that's definitely going to end with grappling hooks.

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