Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New DIY Standing Desk with IKEA parts

IKEA DIY Standing Desk (2017)

FINNVARD trestle with shelf
BEKANT table top

~200 USD

This is a standing desk design I put together back in March for the office.  The Finnvard trestles are adjustable height, and used in combination with your choice of Capita legs, will allow you to tune the desk to suit you.

I was also able to fit my large desktop PC on the floor going sideways (so the case window is in full view).

Build order:
- Put together both Finnvard trestles
- Attach the Capita legs to the Finnvard (the legs will be upside down)
- Adjust the height
- Lay the Bekant table top on top!

*Be careful about placing too much weight on the desk, as it is not supported by a cross beam.

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