Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Blog.

I've just created another blog.  I have a terrible habit of starting and starting and starting and never finishing.  No, rather, I continue to set up finish lines but don't make any effort towards crossing them.

I'd created the blog for another purpose, but what the hell, I can't let snatching up that blog name go to waste.  So, I've canceled one project not even half an hour into it.  And then've started a new one.  One whose finish line is set... nowhere in sight.  Welcome to Grandpa's Violin.  Sometimes I wonder whether using Blogger over Wordpress is a good idea.  Anyway, I had intentions to make a diary blog but in my narcissism decided to scrap that.  "Grandpa's Violin" is the one Yuki Kajiura song that my dad recognizes.  Well, if you haven't heard it yet, please do so now.  I'll wait patiently.

I'd originally planned the title to be based off of my favourite song "Winter" but the theme was too general.  Everything from "handinhand" to "darknessofwinter" was taken.  What i could get was "throughwinter" or "thruwinter" or "middleofthewinter".  Now, Through Winter isn't such a bad name for a blog, but Grandpa's Violin--now that evoked some real emotion and antiquity.

I sure wish i had a Grandpa with a violin.


  1. "Grandpa's Violin" is the only Kajiura song I know too :P

    and howcome you scrapped the diary blog idea? :/

  2. I realized that I might have stories to tell. I also want an excuse to buy another journal book. ;D