Friday, January 1, 2010

Cross Cultural Music

Isn't it just great when music is shared across borders?

A*Teens - Perfect Match
Tamaki Nami - Daitan ni Ikimashou (Heart & Soul)

There's Tamaki Nami's cover of A*Teens' catchy song.  I'd always thought "Daitan ni Ikimashou" felt different from her other music.  Especially with that -desu in the first line. Unforgettable. I would always have to readjust when my playlist goes from "Reason", "Realize", or "Believe" to he bouncy, light, full-stop-at-the-end-of-every-line "Daitan ni Ikimashou".

So I've been listening to "Upside Down" and sketching out the next two AnimeLA paintings.  No, no, none of the characters are going to be bouncing off the ceiling in a fit of love.

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