Thursday, January 21, 2010

The World and The Wired

I feel lost between the boundaries of The World and The Wired.

Today, I spend more time peering though Windows into the depths of cyber-space than looking out through my window at the city outside.  And I see a billion people like myself looking around also at this massive pile of data.  This internet lets the minds of the world connect, not as fundamentally as the neural network of Pandora, but extensive at least throughout human beings.  And I feel this urge to 'upload' myself to this network.  Yet this is not possible.  All that can be seen are strands of thought, a silhouette of person.  Perhaps my expectations for this technology are too high.  An Avatar in today's sense is not a complete projection of a person's being though the wire.  While Jake Sully was able to 'soul exchange' into a Na'vi, I can only project a cross-section of myself here.  The Wired, on the hand, merges the real world with the internets through IPv7.  No boundaries.  No problems.

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