Friday, November 30, 2012

Dota 2 Polycount Contest - Windrunner, Golden Harvest, Bow

Progress report!  I reworked the model for the bow, fixing mirroring issues, changing a lot of triangles back into quads, and making the form more full.

Then I went into organizing a color set to work from.  The yellow turned out to be really ugly in-game.

Then worked on getting the proper UVs set up, with mirroring and all.  The UVs for the bow are my best yet!

I tried sculpting to get high detail but it just hasn't been working.  Level 5 detail in Blender didn't provide enough resolution for me to work with, so I brought it up a notch to level 6.  The sculpting tools just feel too foreign to me, like trying to hold a pencil with my toes.  I will give ZBrush a chance, perhaps next month.
sculpt attempt.

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